Meet Travis Colbert — FAMIGO’s Videographer & Filmmaker

3 min readDec 17, 2019


Over the period of the last four years we have made significant strides in improving the standard of our content, due to the increased access to social platforms. Good, rich content creates a space of communication for brands to clearly and creatively speak to their audience. When it comes to marketing, engagement is key whether you are a coffee shop, clothing brand, musician or … a fintech company! Engagement creates meaningful relationships with your audiences or consumers. We understood this early on our journey and began to utilise the social space to tell the story of FAMIGO.

We have a special story to tell all of you, from the initiation of our concept to inception into the market, growing from a handful of users to now a user base of hundreds of thousands active users that now transact millions of dollars per month. We believe that the best way to tell this story is through video content, with no other than our director of visual art Travis Colbert, FAMIGO’s long-time family member and one of the most talented videographers and filmmakers in the game.

Travis is from San Diego, CA. As an entrepreneur, he sustains connections with other major companies that partners with FAMIGO. His work has been displayed worldwide on major television networks such as MTV, Trace TV and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, CNN, MTV, Barstool Sports, NoJumper, Bleacher Report, USA TODAY, The Washington Post, New York Post, CBS sports and falls within the top 5% of wedding filmmakers in the U.S. winning the award of “Best of The Knot 2020”(

Travis grew up in San Diego, studying a film and business Bachelor’s Degree at the Arizona State University, where his passion and talent landed him on various projects quickly accelerating his career (and his travels) to the next level. His dedication to both his work and his studies simultaneously, is unmatched. He was taking 22 credits in his final semester, while touring the U.S with platinum recording artist, Mike Stud.

Travis is destined to become a world class videographer and filmmaker. His work has gained such a clear sense of maturity in a short space of time, maintaining a diverse approach to what work he chooses to take on. Travis’ distinct style of work has caught the eye of many stars to use utilise him within their projects, such as: YBN Cordae, Mike Stud, Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly, Juice Wrld, Dizzy Wright, Gianni and Kyle, Futuristic, Monte Pittman, Jemere Morgan, Major lazer, Meek Mill, Blac Youngsta, YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, MVMT, DOUCHEBAGS, FLYNYON and more!

As FAMIGO continues to welcome new creators and fans from allover the world providing them with the tools to financially empower themselves in the ever-increasing digital economy, we are also looking to change the way fintech companies communicate to their audience/users through content.

We believe that Travis will continue to elevate FAMIGO to new heights by playing a pivotal role in displaying a high standard within our brand, content, and the marketing thereof.

If you have not yet followed Travis on his social accounts, go ahead and do it! Have a browse and see some of the work he has done, because we assure that it will be worth your time!

Social Accounts:

FAMIGO — @traviscolbert

Instagram — @traviscolbert

Twitter — @xtraviscolbertx




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