Four Effective Content Monetization Tips to Know!

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You love content creation, it is your passion!

You have a decent-sized social media following that loves your content but unfortunately, your following doesn’t necessarily bring you financial support. So, how do you monetize your content to allow you to pursue your career full-time, and share your knowledge, and life experiences with the world?

Here, we share some thoughts from some of our content creator community which we hope will help you. However, it all starts with the right content marketplace (more about this later).

1. Promote your content:

Use all social media platforms and bio link tools. Be agnostic to them and engage the audience. Be different and add blogs, podcasts, and lives, and spend time with your followers. Create high-quality content. Build a relationship with your audience and make sure to respond to comments and interact with your followers to create a community around your content.

2. Offer Unique Premium Content and Subscriptions:

We know that many of your fans will be interested in seeing premium content from you. Premium content is exclusive curated material that could be part of a paid subscription, a single item, or could be sold through a chat. Statistically, a reasonable percentage of your fans will convert into monthly subscribers because they appreciate and recognize the value of your content.

Offer options and create a store that you can share in social media including single items, subscriptions, and even free content.

Consider at least 2 different subscriptions for your fans, one ultra-premium content with access to “all your content”, and another one with limited premium content. You can sell any type of content, from music, podcast, photoshoots, master classes to videos. Keep in mind, frequency, high-quality, and relevant content, are key!

Subscriptions can create a fairly consistent income stream.

3. Engage in Affiliate Marketing

One way to monetize your content is to engage in affiliate marketing. This is the process of advertising other people’s products on your content, and you get a commission. This way, when one of your followers finds products through your content, you get a percentage of the purchase. There are many options in the market, just search “affiliate marketing” and find the best option for you and your niche. Besides affiliate marketing, another option could be AdSense.

4. Use the right Marketplace:

Finally, use a platform that aligns with your brand, and your reputation. This is as important as your go-to market strategy.

Use a tool with good technology, fair processing fees, and good customer service. Push the marketplace through all your social media, and link in bio tools.

Consider a digital content marketplace that does not require subscription tiers, does not shadow bans your store, does not cap the prices of your digital items, and that has fair transparent fees. Remember, you create the content, and you should keep most of the revenues from your content.

At FAMIGO, we have made it fair and transparent, you get great technology to create your digital content store, good customer service, no price restrictions on your content, and the lowest fees in the market so you get to keep more money. Check our online calculator.

Need Help With Content Monetization?

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